Temperature Recorders


Temperature Recorders

The use of portable temperature recorders is an important part of doing business for companies involved in the handling of fresh and fresh-cut produce. The recorders and the documentation they provide assist in dispute resolution by monitoring and measuring the environment (temperature and humidity) and the amount of time the produce travels.

Why Use a Temperature Recorder?

Temperature recorder companies provide the “third party” validation of temperatures during transit, which is necessary to help determine who is responsible for any product deterioration at time of arrival.

Temperature recorders have been used for many years in the shipment of perishable commodities. During this time, they have come to be accepted as a common, if not standard, feature of long distance refrigerated transport.

In general, temperature recorders are used on a “lease” basis, supplied by the manufacturer as a tool to be used by supply chain participants. Recorders assure an impartial recording, and the recorder company can provide an impartial interpretation of temperature maintenance during transit.

The retained recorder and its graphic report have proven time and again to be effective in the resolution of disputes between shippers, receivers and carriers. They are recognized in courts of law and by arbitration systems offered by the Dispute Resolution Corporation and the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) in the United States.