QC Seminars

Stay up to date with the best practices to check and receive a load of produce.

Our Quality Control Seminars

The OPMA offers three-day seminars twice a year. The purpose of the seminars is to familiarize participants with the most efficient way to receive and check a load of produce on arrival to determine quality. Topics to be covered include: determining the quality and condition upon arrival, determining if an inspection on the load is warranted and reviewing the requirements of the federal inspection program and other independent inspection services.

There is also training on how to interpret Canadian and U.S. grade standards and their corresponding inspection manuals. A properly trained and up-to-date receiver will save an organization time and money by requesting inspections that will be of maximum use to you when negotiating a claim with a shipper. Inspections that “don’t score”, cost companies money. For more information please view our brochure.


L’objectif du séminaire est de permettre aux participants d’apprendre les façons les plus efficaces de réceptionner et de vérifier un chargement de fruits et de légumes à l’arrivée en vue d’en déterminer la qualité. Parmi les sujets présentés figurent la détermination de la qualité et de l’état d’un chargement entrant, savoir s’il faut demander une inspection ou pas, et les exigences des Services d’inspection à destination (SID) du gouvernement fédéral. 

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez consulter cetter brochure.

If you have any questions about the OPMA’s Quality Control Seminars or would like to book a private seminar, please contact:

Deidre Klemann Office Manager, OPMA

416 519 9390