Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) Launches Rebrand and Growth Initiative for Produce Made Simple


Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) Launches Rebrand and Growth Initiative for Produce Made Simple

Toronto, ON – June 6, 2024 – The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) is excited to announce it has received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), which is aimed at rebranding and expanding its consumer-facing campaign, Produce Made Simple.

“During Local Food Week and every week, our government is proud to support the promotion of high-quality produce grown right here at home in Ontario,” said Lisa Thompson, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “By supporting the Ontario Produce Marketing Association in their efforts to increase consumer awareness about the value in buying local, we are investing to achieve our Grow Ontario Strategy goal of increasing the amount of local food consumed in the province by 30 per cent by 2032.”

The first phase of the project involves a comprehensive rebrand of Produce Made Simple, including a new creative direction, logo, and website. This rebranding effort is informed by extensive research on consumer preferences and aims to create a cohesive brand identity that resonates with Ontario consumers. This part of the project is now complete and the OPMA is proud to showcase the new Produce Made Simple website and logo.

Looking ahead, OPMA plans to ramp up its promotion programs, which will include new content creation for social media platforms, social media advertising, partnerships with influencers in the food space, and a traditional marketing campaign featuring out-of-home ads across Toronto in June and August. The goal is to educate Ontario consumers about Ontario food, including how it’s grown, local grower stories, nutrition, freshness, availability, and seasonality.

“We are grateful to OMAFRA for enabling us with the opportunity to improve our consumer-facing campaign and reach more Ontarians,” said Rebecca Harris, President of OPMA. “This initiative will empower consumers to make informed choices about their food and strengthen their connection to local growers and producers.”

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