Member Spotlight – Award Winning PC Strawberries

Loblaws award-Winning PC Strawberries are truly, the sweeter, cleaner berry! Greenhouse Grown locally in Ontario, these berries are grown for quality, sustainability and environmental responsibility.  With an emphasis on efficiency and supply, the climate controlled growing environment provides ideal growing conditions for maximum flavour, and extended shelf life. To top it off, a robust integrated growing practice allows consumers to be confident that PC Strawberries are grown safely and free from harmful treatments.  Perfect for snacks, salads or smoothies, these berries taste like a strawberry should!

Loblaw is a proud supporter of Canadian growers and producers, sourcing from more than 400 growers and packers across Canada each year.  In season, nearly half of all produce in our stores is Canadian-grown.  We source more Canadian produce than any other grocer, and in 2018 announced that by 2025 we will spend $150 million more each year buying local produce that otherwise would have been imported from around the world.

Over the past few years, our team has worked with Canadian farmers to grow a greater variety of products, including multicultural goods not traditionally grown in Canada. As a result, customers can now find bok choy, long eggplant, methi leaf, napa cabbage and okra bearing Grown in Ontario and Grown in Quebec labels. We're investing in Canadian innovation, supporting local farmers, extending shelf life to offer fresher goods, serving new tastes, and helping the environment by reducing food waste and the carbon footprint generated by international shipments.