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  • Packaging Regulations

    The Ontario government is expected to release draft regulations in October introducing an Extended Producer Responsibility Program. The newly-formed OPMA Packaging Round Table will meet in October to review and respond to the consultation on these regulations.In July, the OPMA formed a Packaging Round Table, consisting of members from across the supply chain and other industry associations. The group will meet several times each year to discuss any action items relating to packaging use and recycling in Ontario. The goals of this group are to act as an industry voice to the Ontario government on matters related to packaging, to support the industry in the implementation of new EPR regulations, and to communicate to the industry and consumers so we may all work towards a circular economy for packaging in Ontario.The work of the OPMA Round Table will not duplicate the CPMA Plastics Packaging Working Group. We encourage OPMA members to review the publically available resources on the CPMA website to help you make informed decisions.

  • Providing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Students across the Province as important as ever

    Toronto, ON – October 8, 2020 – The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) has partnered with Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) for a second year to help bring fresh fruits and vegetables to students province wide.“The OPMA is proud to support an organization that is committed to providing children with nutritious food,” said Michelle Broom, OPMA President. “COVID-19 has highlighted the issue of food insecurity across our province. This partnership ensures that students have what they need to succeed.”  Several studies indicate that a child’s access to healthy food can directly affect their ability to focus and learn. The partnership between SNO and OPMA provides students with nutritious meals and snacks that they might not otherwise have access to. Last year the grant serviced 95 schools and nearly 17,000 students across the province. Over 800 Kg of fresh fruit and vegetables were delivered through snack and meal programs. Thanks to the combined efforts of the organizations, students in the northern parts of Ontario who do not regularly have access to fresh peppers and nectarines were able to have this experience.“The generous donation from the Ontario Produce Marketing Association has come at such a crucial time. We know that many families are struggling financially because of COVID-19 and, with students back in school, Nutrition Programs are more important than ever.” Says Catherine Parsonage, Student Nutrition Ontario Chair.While things might look a little different this year, SNO is working hard so that children still have access to nutritious food. Students are served individually pre-packaged meals to ensure their safety as well as that of the many volunteers that help to make the program a success. Together, the organizations hope to foster an environment where children understand the importance of a well-balanced diet and are encouraged to try new things.For more information contact:Emilia De SousaMarketing and Communications Manager, emilia@theopma.caCristina CarusoCommunications & Development Specialist Toronto Foundation for Student Success

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Ontario contributes over one third of Canada’s total fruit and vegetable production, contributing more than $4.2 billion and over 66,000 jobs to the economy. Approximately 43% of this value is field grown and 57% produced in greenhouse operations....Continue Reading

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Produce Made Simple 

Produce Made Simple is a highly-successful consumer facing platform. It features an extensive website filled with recipes and knowledge. The brand is active across multiple social media channels with the goal of encouraging millions of Canadians to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables every day. In addition, under the Produce made Simple banner, the OPMA runs events to promote produce through an “ambassador partnership” featuring 10 inspirational social media influencers. In 2019 alone, the program garnered over 17 million impressions and had a total reach of 100,000 followers.

Produce Made Simple

OPMA in the Community

OPMA Christmas Foodshare


For the past 30 years, the OPMA, and it’s partners have worked together to procure, pack and deliver thousands of fresh fruit and vegetable boxes to families across the province.

Student Nutrition Ontario

The OPMA’s partnership with SNO helps to nourish thousands of students from across the province by helping them gain access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Toronto Foundation for Student Success

The OPMA’s partnership with TFSS fosters healthy eating habits and cooking skills among school aged children by contributing to their knowledge of the produce industry and helping them procure fresh fruits and vegetables for their after-school programs including the Junior Chef program.


Meet Freggie, the produce mascot! Contact our team at to find out how you can rent a Freggie costume to compliment your program’s food nutrition activities.