Algoma Orchards undertakes Waste Water Project

Algoma Orchards is one of Canada’s most innovative leaders in apple farming, packing, and juice bottling. Algoma’s growing demand and production capacity required an increased supply of water, but infrastructure and operational challenges coupled with high costs of water were impeding expansion plans.

SOLUTION: CharTech designed an integrated and compact membrane bioreactor (MBR)with bio-media in conjunction with highly effective Reverse Osmosis (RO) to convert high BOD wastewater into high-quality water that Algoma reuses for on-site processes.

RESULT: CharTech supplied a state-of-the-art, fully automated closed loop water treatment system sized to process up to 110,000 liters per day of process wastewater to be recycled for reuse. It is one of first closed loop systems in Canada combining innovative technologies to effectively convert wastewater into high quality potable water, simultaneously enabling Algoma to increase its production capacity, improve efficiencies and reduce its environmental footprint. The project received grant funding to offset 50% of the project expenses, and also saves Algoma approximately $200,000 per year in operational costs.

According to Kirk Kemp, President of Algoma Orchards, “Our partnership with CharTech Solutions to design and install a fully automated closed loop water recycling system has been a big success. We save $200,000/yr. by eliminating the need to truck in fresh water and dispose of wastewater for our apple and juice production processes. We’re proud to be an industry leader by implementing solutions that increases our capacity and reduces our environmental footprint.”

Please view the project profile here: CharTech Project Profile – Algoma Orchards Closed Loop Water System 2021